Turn Your Boring Kitchen into a “Magnifique”Parisian One!

Did you just return from a 1-month long vacation in Paris, one of the most lavish and picturesque cities in the world? And now, after returning back to your abode, do you feel very depressed and are finding it difficult to bounce back to your regular life? Is the gorgeous “city of lights” literally haunting you? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then there’s just one simple yet effective idea that I can share with you; and that is, revamping your home and turning it into a classic and cozy Parisian bungalow.Stupendous idea, isn’t it? So, waste no more time and buckle up your shoes, and start planning to give your home a Parisian look.

Since you have stayed in Paris for one long month, you already have quite a clear idea about the classic room décor; plus, I am sure that you even know what kind of sanitary wares and hardware they install in their bathroom. Hence, redesigning your bedroom, bathroom and living room wouldn’t be difficult at all. But yes, since you haven’t seen a Parisian kitchen (obviously, you wouldn’t enter the cookhouse of your hotel or its pantry), hence, designing a kitchen could be tricky. But don’t worry, there are numerous magazines that can help you gain some inspiration. Or else, just keep reading because here, I’ve shared some brilliant ways to design an impeccable Parisian kitchen. Take a look.


Play with Colors!

Well generally, when it comes to painting the walls of our kitchen, we generally choose one single shade of color and apply it all over the walls. But, in case of creating a cozy Parisian kitchen, please make sure you play a bit with colors. For instance, you can choose an accent wall and texture paint it, and let the rest of the walls be same in color. And if you feel texture painting is too heavy for your pockets, then how about sticking wall paper having an eccentric print or design on it.

Why just the walls? You can paint the ceiling too if you want! That’s a new trend nowadays.

Additional Suggestion: Choose a wall and add several wall arts that of course, have a connection with this magnifier(gorgeous)city.

Go for White Cabinets

Since you have to play a lot with the color of your kitchen’s walls and ceilings, hence, it’ll be best if you choose white kitchen cabinets, in order to maintain the color balance of this room. Finding white kitchen cabinets is not going to be a tough task at all, as there are so many companies in the USA that sell classy looking white cabinets. But yes, before you purchase a white cabinetry set for your cookhouse, there’s one suggestion for you, try to purchase the ones that are ready-to-assemble so that you don’t have to hire labors separately to install them in your kitchen; instead, you can do it yourself. And moreover, white RTA kitchen cabinets are affordable when compared to the other types of cabinets.


Please See: If you want to work on the cabinets a little more to give it a true Parisian look, then here are a few things you can do or ask the seller to customize such as:

  1. Add shaker style doors.
  2. Rub the surface of the cabinets with sandpaper to give it a rustic look.
  3. Add brass hardware.

Stick to Metallic Furniture

Apart from wooden RTA kitchen cabinets, a Parisian kitchen doesn’t really have many wooden elements. Most of their furniture is made of a metal (mostly wrought iron). So, please replace your existing coffee table and chairs, or the island tools with something more sleek and classy, preferably made of wrought iron.

Install Interior Canopy

Shocked? Well, there’s nothing to be shocked because,in Paris, there are numerous homes that have canopies installed above their kitchen windows, just to give it a “Parisian Café-like” feel. And yes, make sure the color of the canopy goes well with the color of the walls.

So, now that you know it all, don’t you think that designing a Parisian kitchen is pretty close to a cakewalk? If yes, then waste no more time and start renovating it now! And for more details on kitchen renovation and shaker style cabinets, keep following my blogs.

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