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Tips on Buying the Best Grill for This Summer


As summer approaches, activities and cooking move outdoors to take advantage of longer and warmer evenings. If you’re trying to decide on the best new grill for your outdoor cooking needs, here are some tips on getting the most for your money as well as buying a grill that fits your cooking style:

Set your grill buying budget before you go shopping – Deciding how much you have to spend on a new grill can help to reduce a huge number of choices to a more manageable selection. Knowing your budget can also assist in comparing grills on an “apples to apples” basis, which can define the best grill value in your price range.

Choosing your preferred fuel – Connecting your grill to your home’s natural gas line, if possible, can give you a cost-effective fuel source that doesn’t require a run down to the store for a fresh tank. If natural gas isn’t an option, propane will be the likely fuel source. If you’re going with propane, you can avoid running out of fuel while cooking by keeping an extra tank on hand.

Grill size – Make this decision based on how you will actually cook, not on the possibility of needing a big surface for an unplanned event. Also take into account how much space you have for the grill because, even though it can be moved around, a unit that is too big for its space can be inconvenient and ungainly.

Features – Grills are constantly evolving and adding features so be sure that you’ll use the ones you buy. For example, side burners often look like a feature that will get a lot of use until the realization dawns that it may be more convenient to cook with pots and pans back in the kitchen.

Be aware of “disposable” grills – The grills that get lined up outside the supermarket before 3 day weekends in the summer are typically built to lower standards than brand name grills. It’s not unusual for burners to deteriorate rapidly and for rust to accumulate quickly, especially if a cover to protect the grill is not included. The thing to remember here is that, like countless other products, you get what you pay for when buying a grill for less than $100.

Buy a combination – If you grill as well as barbeque, consider a hybrid product such as the ceramic grill, which allows for the option to either grill with direct heat or barbeque with an indirect heating source. These new products use dividers to allow for grilled and barbecued meats to be cooked in separate compartments at the same time.

Grilling is one of the great summer traditions. By following these tips you can make certain that your next grill does what you need it to do, whether you’re cooking hotdogs for a birthday party or filet mignon for a dinner for two.

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