Switching on the Light and Life in the Living Room

Interior Design

Home is where heart is and living room is the heart of the home. So technically the connection between living room and a heart is quite strong (chuckles).  A living room should have all the elements that make it a perfect sitting space and where people can enjoy conversations amid light and love. Love part has to be handled by you but we can surely enlighten you on how to enhance the lighting of the room. Modern Lights are classy and gives uber cool appeal to your house.

Lighting does not just mean to switch on the CFL’s and light up the room. It has to have a soothing effect on your soul and there are a lot of elements other than just a normal bulb. Candles, lamps, wax holders, and natural sunlight.

 While designing your living room, keep note of lighting that a room demands and instruct the architect to design accordingly. Enlisting some affordable and simple pointers to allow lighter and life in your living room.

1. Fusion works well

Fusion is the latest in thing and works well with almost everything you experiment with. Especially when it comes to designing living rooms, fusion of bright and natural light will help you maintain the vibrancy and earthiness at the same time. Having bright indoor plants and a light bulb in green or yellow hues will enhance the overall appeal. You can have mix of accents that beautify as well as spread light in different hues. This way living room will look livelier.

2. Table lamps

Who does not love table lamps? Table lamps, if placed aesthetically can raise the entire style quotient of the room. Select matching pair of table lamps that goes well with the curtains and accessories too. Swan shaped table lamps are said to bring in harmony and peace for the owners. Not to forget they look classy and royal, too.

3. Wall lights for bright color blast

Wall lights or scones as they are commonly called are a great lighting invention for small sized rooms. They make the room look bigger and well-lit. Scones bright up the surrounding area in light hues and spread a beautiful aura. They van be put up indoor as well as outdoor.

4. Natural light

While getting your house done by an architect, make room for natural sunlight to peep in. In compact living rooms, single ceiling does not suffice in giving it a natural bright look. You may consider having multiple ceiling fixtures so room looks spacious and bright. The feel you get when you enter a room that is well-lit and emitting positives vibes is unmatchable.

5. Centerpieces/chandeliers

It is an old belief that chandeliers eat up the space and are best suited for palatial homes. Today chandeliers come in all sizes and designs and some are custom-made for compact 1-BHK apartments. You just have to pick the best one for your living room. Placing of chandelier is important and it should be affixed in the center focal point so the light is distributed evenly. Oh! And you have these dimmer to control the brightness and attune it as per your taste. Music, wine and a romantic chandelier……..sounds dreamy, right?

Wondering which ones to choose and what to choose? Buy designer lightings online and get that perfect look for your living room.

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