Some Most Preferred Types of Plywood for Interior Use

It is of immense significance to do extensive research and know the wood stuff at hand before you make up your mind to start working on your home interior design. Out of different things that play a pivotal role in the making of a home, one of the most imperative components is wood work.

Plywood is the primary building block of your home, and it can be considered as the backbone of the construction of a new home.  This is the reason, choosing the right kind of wooden stuff gets all the more crucial. But sometimes, deciding on the right kind of wood may prove to be a difficult job.

Therefore, making the things simpler for all, here is a comprehensive insight into some regular types of plywood manufactured by top plywood companies in India for interior use:

The engineered wood used in home interiors is the most generic one and considered to be easy-to-recognize. Plywood is actually the sheets of wood that are glued together, and what ultimately makes the difference is the nature of chemical treatment that it undergoes. This chemical treatment procedure along with the adhesive or glue that is utilized to hold everything together simply determines what purpose it can serve. Engineered wood for home interior use comes in various thicknesses ranging right from 2 mm to 38 mm.

There are 2 types of plywood that are utilized during interior wood work of homes:

  • MR Grade or usually referred to as Commercial

This is the most common form of ply having uses in the making of your TV Cabinets, Wardrobes, Shelves and various other interior woodworks, except Kitchens and Bathrooms.

  • BWR Grade (Boiling Water Resistant) or usually referred to as Marine Plywood – This can be utilized for Bathroom Interior Designing or Kitchen woodwork.

For both the above-mentioned types of stuffs, IS 303 specification is highly recommended.

Block Board

Block Board, in simple words, is a cubical stock of wood finely sandwiched between 2 thin sheets of plywood. As you can comprehend from the name itself, block boards are known for high durability, resistance and used on a large scale for heavy duty applications. It is sturdier than any other form of engineered wood and is not that easy-to-warp or bend. These exclusivities make it ideal for use in the making of stable structures. Block Board is available in the open market in thicknesses that range from 16 to 25 mm.

Apart from the above, the components of Block Board can very easily be altered as per the specifications of its use in interior applications. All the top manufacturers of plywood in India not only make these high quality Block Boards available for buyers across the country, but also export them overseas also. For the past 50 years, Indian plywood suppliers have been the most preferred source for the needs of their global clientele.

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