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How to Choose your Bedside Table?


A small indispensable table

If shelves and bookcases remain optional in a room, this is not the case for the bedside table. Of course, you do not have to put a nightstand in your room, but this furniture remains a key element of the room. It confers all his soul and brings a supplement of comfort. The bedside table is indeed a small piece of furniture very practical. We put awakening, book and phone for example. Your bedside table also hosts a selection of decorative objects: lamp, picture frame, vase … The whole thing is now to know which bedside table to choose.

A table for adults or children

If you want to know which bedside table to choose, start by determining the future position of the nightstand. Is it for the master bedroom or a child’s room? Unless you want a completely offbeat decor, you will agree that a table specifically designed for the room of these toddlers has no place in the parental suite. This destination will allow you to make a first selection. You just have to refine your search. To do this, consider the following criteria: the style of the bedside table determined largely by the material, shape and size.

What material for your bedside table?

For what nightstand choose? When you ask yourself this question, you are led to choose the material in which the furniture is made. Tell yourself that the night table holds its style of this material. Baroque furniture, for example, is usually made of carved solid wood with cornices. But wood can also be modern. In the latter case, the nightstand features clean lines and adopts a no-frills shape. For lovers of contemporary style, prefer wooden bedside tables with lacquered finishes. Melamine models are also part of this trend. If you are a follower of the industrial style, the metal furniture will make you happy.

Bedside table: focus on form

Square, rectangle, round, semicircle … The shape of the tray determines that of the bedside table, but not only. Other elements come into play. The configuration of the storage spaces is of these. Most bedside tables available on the market have one or more drawers. Overall, we will offer models with one, two or three drawers. In addition to the aesthetic aims, the choice will depend essentially on your expectations in terms of functionality. Other models are drawer free, but instead have niches. You will also find on the market bedside tables with door. There are also models combining these three elements.

Dimensions and harmony issues

In order to find the perfect bedside table, never forget the size of the furniture. You’ve fallen for a particular model? Before you buy it, take care to check the dimensions. Make sure that the table can be integrated in the place dedicated to it and that it is in harmony with the bed. The night table should be neither too small nor too bulky. From an aesthetic point of view, the ideal would be to take a night stand from the same collection as your bed. Thus, you make sure you do not make any mistake of taste! Of course, nothing forces you to match bedside table and bed, especially as the mismatched style is now very popular.

Bedside table: our tips for choosing it

Essential element of a room with optimal storage, the nightstand is free from all codes and becomes resolutely deco. Discover all our tips for choosing it.

The night table is as practical as aesthetic. This small piece of furniture occupies indeed a primordial place for our comfort and participates, more than it seems, to make the necessary order prevail in the room where the atmosphere must be serene and conducive to rest.

Before having the crush on a model night table, it will be necessary to pay attention to the place which is allotted to him. It will also take into account the idea of ​​the use you reserve him. Placed on one or both sides of the bed, it must have a large enough tray to place a bedside lamp, one or more books, and a clock radio. It’s your lifestyle in this intimate room that will help you define the right dimensions of your bedside table.

Then comes the design of the night table. The bedside table models are numerous and, from the sleek bedside table, vintage style or downright design. The model with or without drawer, with feet or without, square or round, the range is vast. To choose your night table several options are available to you. The first, and the simplest for perfect harmony, is to opt for a model that matches the other furniture that makes up your bedroom layout , for a flawless result.

The second option, may be more daring, is to prefer a bedside table with a different design from other furniture but made of the same materials to bring a small note of originality to your decoration. Finally, the option of the mismatched nightstand is not totally out of bound for a very contrasting note. If the wood likes a lot, the rattan is completely trendy. Colder, bedside tables made of plastic or metal are yet stacks in the air and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for an ultra-original model, dare to mirror the bedside table to create an absolutely unique atmosphere in your bedroom.

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