Build a Water Feature

How to Build a Water Feature


Building a water feature is not for the light of heart. It is for the strong because it is definitely hard work. There should be a sign listed: Hard Work Ahead. Don’t attempt unless you are willing to put in the hours. Not only are water features tricky to build, they are a work of art. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is sometimes to select the correct rock to make the water flow nicely. One rock can change your entire waterfall. Usually experienced landscapers build water features, but it can be done on your own so don’t be disheartened! There is a path for you…

First, you need a design. You can’t simply flip to a picture in a gardening magazine that you love and then go at it. There is much more to water features than a picture. Design templates for water features can be made by a design artist, but you will have to pay for that. Custom water features are often designed and then handed over to the landscaper. Free design templates can be found online, on websites, in magazines or maybe from a neighbor who has done it before. Ask around for design work if you don’t want to pay for it.

Once you have the design you desire, the work begins. Water features can be placed in the front or backyard. Typically they are placed in the backyard. The tank is the first thing you will need to bury. If you can afford to rent a mini excavator for the day or some type of machinery to dig with, you will be thanking yourself. Machines can do in minutes what it would take a shovel day. Water pumps need to go pretty deep into the ground so having an excavator makes the job ten times easier.

Once your pump is buried you can for the pond if you are building a pond. You will then need to lay out your pond liner so the water doesn’t seep into the soil. If you are building a waterfall, you need to start forming your waterfall. You form a waterfall similar to how you would form a rock wall. You compact the rocks with dirt. For this job, you will need a mini excavator. The rocks you will need are too heavy to lift by hand. Larger rocks create beautiful falls. If you use only small rocks that are all smaller than a soccer ball, your water feature will look homemade. Don’t be afraid of big machinery to help with the job.

Next, you turn on the water to see your water feature flow over the rocks. Hopefully, the sound and the sight put you at peace. Many people will add lights for a beautiful night effect. An electrician can come to install lights for a decent price. If you are familiar with electric work, you may be able to do it on your own. Just be wary of water and electricity. Now go forward with your water feature!

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