Giving a Makeover to Old Furniture

We are half way through 2018 and in just 6 months we shall be welcoming New Year. A lot of us seek excitement in giving a new look  to our abode every 5-6 months and since New year is not too far, how about we start making little changes right now so we do not have to worry at the last moment.

Interiors of the house are directly accentuated by the furniture packages we choose to place in the living room. Rather than investing huge amount of money in buying new accents, centre tables or show pieces, we can do better by giving it a style makeover. This will save your money and put to use your creativity. Tell me you have an old side table that you do not like at all would trade off for anything available in the market!!

Here we have compiled some quick styling tips to revamp your old furniture and I bet it will give a completely new look to the house.

1. Re-doing the fabric

This is one of the easiest ways to give instant amend to your living room. You can start by changing the fabric of your sofa and futon. You can go for bright textures and colors so it goes well with overall look of the house. You can contrast it with curtains or accents.

2. Side tables/ Shelves- Color it up!

A lot of us hoard ancestral furniture like side tables, cabinets, crockery cabinets with glass doors, wine racks etc and do not wish to throw it away due to emotional bondage. Coloring it up in bright colors as your cushions or in direct contrast to them or giving it a varnished look can enhance their appeal without much investment. Especially in town apartments where you cannot get the entire house whitewashed, painting the old furniture can add to the fresh appeal of the house.

3. Using new hardware

Least talked about hack is using new hardware for old furniture. A door knob or a handle can lend an enigmatic look to your cupboards and cabinets. Use latest knobs, accessories and metallic ones to give it uber cool look. And they come at a cheap price!!

4. Accessories are Must-haves!

When you cannot afford to buy new stuff, it is best to accessorize your house with all that you have and comes cheap. For example, you can use bedroom throws in living room or use that rug stacked in the patio for dolling up your guest room. Keep changing things here and there and it will keep your house new. Exchanging the flower pots, wall paintings and accents can instantly up the style quotient the room. Guests will never come to know that the Flower vase they are drooling over was actually a part of your kitchen garden 😉

5. Scratched is the new Vintage!

You read it right! Sometimes using the worn off furniture just adds to the vintage look of the house. Do not fuss over the look so much that you end up shelling out a huge amount of money. Make minimal changes and extract maximum benefits. If the cabinet is worn off and cannot be used as a crockery unit anymore, convert it into a vintage bookshelf.

Furniture is the soul of the house and gives a lively feel to the people living in it. It is better to give personal touch to artifacts and furniture and rather than just hoarding new stuff. You can even try various furniture packages available at furniture stores at discount or on garage sale.

I am Lynelle Thompson and like to write on Interior Design and Home Decor related topics. I am associated with In:Style Direct – a leading home interior design service provider and furniture packages agency in London.

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