Choosing the Perfect Pledge Seating For Your Office

Most of the time in our everyday lives is spent at the workplace, even there; most of our time is spent sitting in one chair. Hence, the quality of that chair is very important for the overall physical health, posture and strength.  A good ergonomic office chair is an essential for employees to work comfortably.

A pledge chair is a great ergonomic office chair. With the availability of a wide range of pledge office chairs online and offline, it can get a bit confusing to select the right pledge chair for your office. The wide variety of chairs includes different ranges of price, textures, mechanisms and even the colors.

The following are a few of the essential things that you need to consider before choosing an ergonomic office chair:

Seat Adjustments:

Pledge office chairs are primarily about being comfortable and comfort is different for different people.  As everyone is unique in height weight and posture, one type of chair will not suit everyone. Hence, it is essential for the seats to have good and easy adjustments. Now, adjustment of seats are multi-dimensional, thus every aspect of the adjustment need to reviewed properly. The inline are the important seat adjustments you need to look for:


Height adjustment is one of the crucial elements of a good pledge chair. A pledge chair needs to have smooth height adjustment. The height adjustment is highly dependent on the height of the workstations or the work desks. A standard height requirement for most people would be between 16 to 21 inches. The better and smoother the height adjustment the better is the quality of the pledge chair.


Apart from the height, another important dimension on should take care of while buying pledge chair is the depth of the chair. This is important for the placement of your knees and legs. The standard measurement for the depth of the chair would be between 2 to 4 inches. Though most pledge chairs initially weren’t manufactured with the depth adjustment feature, these days even this has become one of the standard features of the pledge chairs.

Backrest Height:

The backrest is an element of a chair and it is especially very important if you spend very long time sitting in the chair. It is the most crucial element to give the right kind of support for the back. This feature is most useful for employees who are on the taller end of the spectrum, because it allows them to adjust the back angle according to their height.

Lumbar Support:

Lumbar back problems are very common in many people, especially those who sit for very long hours. Therefore, a good pledge chair is a very important for preventing lumbar problems or not worsening them further. Adjustable lumbar support majorly provides support curvy part at the lower end of the back which is known as lumbar. Your chair’s lumbar support needs to be adjustable in both height and depth.


Apart from the back, arm support is also a thing to look out for. A good pledge chair will have width adjustable arms according to a person’s height and personality. The arm rest also needs to be aligned with the height of the work station as it affects the working posture.


It is not healthy for people to turn with an erect back. Thus, it is essential for the chair to be able to have 360 degree swivel which will allow the person sitting in it to turn around smoothly and without affecting the back. It is best for your office chair to have 360 degree swivel for an easy movement.


Obviously, your pledge chair needs to be mobile. Though you would get many option for both stationary and mobile office chairs. It is better to opt for the ones with the wheels as it is more flexible and easily moved.


The texture of the material used to cover the seat is very important for the overall comfort. The temperature of your workspace also affects the kind of material you would want to choose for your chairs.

After considering all the above aspects of the pledge chair, look at the price range you can afford and you are sorted!

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