Checklist for Renters Moving to the UK

Are you planning to move to the UK, or London in particular, in the near future? There are many apartments available for rent in London. Usually, the term period of these rentals in London is 6 or 12 months, but if you want for a longer time, then there are long term rental flats available, too.

However, prior to moving to your new apartments in London, here are the things that you must mark off the checklist for renters:

Know your neighbourhood and your landlord:

Before you make the deposit and sign the rental agreement, it is wise to do a little research about the neighbourhood you are moving to and the landlord of the building. It will save you from any drama that you may have to go through after moving, that is if there’s a problem.

Tenancy rules:

When you are moving into a long term rental flat in London, you have to not only worry about the deposit but also know if there are any rules about having children and pet, and drinking and smoking, and also recycling and waste management. These are as essential as the deposit amount.

Paperwork and documentation:

Your landlord must provide you with various documents before you move into your new house, like a gas safety certificate, the energy performance certificate, deposit paperwork, a fire safety certificate, and a ‘how to rent guide’. You have to make sure you have all the paperwork in place.

Insure your belongings:

Your landlord will provide the building insurance, but insuring your deposit and belongings is your responsibility, and it is one of the first things you must do as soon as you find a rental place in London. If you got yourself a place on a long term rent in London, then ask your landlord for a longer deposit period, and get the deposit insured immediately.


You should check whether the building is safe to move into. You must check the fittings and fixture, as it is difficult to make any changes after you shift. You must also secure the fire alarms and the cameras before you move into your new house. If you are moving in with children, then take extra precautions and make it children friendly.

Up bills:

When you move to a new place, the bills are set to a default price plan. You may unknowingly end up paying too much. So, you have to check your electricity, phone, internet, gas price plans, and make sure they are billed according to your preferred price plan and not the default plan.


If you shifted into an unfurnished and partly furnished building, then you can either rent your remaining furniture, or find free furniture on various free-cycling websites, or buy furniture. However, make sure you insure them, in case there’s a flood or a fire accident.

Electoral roll:

When you move into an apartment for long term rent in London, don’t forget to register to vote at your new address. It will help you boost your credit score, and also lets you choose who will represent you.

Change address:

Very often, we forget to update our new address – be it for the bank account, various utility bills, insurance etc. We realise only when it’s too late, and then hurry from one office to another to do some last minute changes. We might as well update the address as soon as we move. Most of them can be done online.

Neighbourhood survey:

It is necessary to know where to fuel your car, where the nearby park is – it is helpful if you have a pet, where the gym is, where is the taxi stand or the bus station, and miscellaneous.

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