All You Need to Know About Real Estate Advertising Agency

Real estate industry is highly competitive.  There are established players already dominating the market. Besides them, new entrants are also competing hard to grab a market share. So, taking your real estate business, however big or small it may be, to the masses, all the time becomes essential for staying ahead of others in the market. This compels real estate entrepreneurs to advertise their services aggressively.

The market for commercial and residential properties is such vast that it becomes harder to advertise your business on your own. Even if your real estate company is a startup, you need services of expert agencies to advertise and promote it to get the desired results.

Why should you hire an advertising agency?

Your startup or small real estate business will benefit in many ways if it hires a professional advertising agency. Here are three major reasons you should team up with an advertising agency.

Enhance visibility of your business

An advertising agency knows about the ad avenues to be most explored for maximum results. The agency will place your ads on the newspapers, magazines, local papers, TV programs, strategic billboard locations etc.  Remember that an advertisement will be seen by more people if it is at the right place. So, an experienced ad agency will help you increase the visibility of your real estate business.

An advertising agency will enhance your social media visibility of real estate business. The agency will post ads on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social channels. People interact with the world using social media. An advertisement campaign covering all the major social channels will surely increase visibility of your company manifold.

Easy recognition for your brand

Advertisements are one of the surefire ways to build a sound recognition for your brand in your niche market. As more people regularly see your interesting and engaging ads, they start identifying your products or services. In few months only, the right placing of ads by an agency can build a good reputation for your real estate brand. This, in turn, helps a lot in extracting profitable deals from your clients who are buying or selling properties.

Grow your market share

A real estate advertising agency will help grow your market share in a steady manner. You must compete hard in your niche real estate market. When ads continuously appear at the right place, people have more faith and confidence in your services. In a gradual and steady way, you ultimately have a better say in the market. Your market share increases with the time, making you a fierce competitor.

Create quality ads

The benefits for your real estate company are endless when teaming up with an advertising agency.  Here are some of the benefits.

  • Your ads are created especially considering your company
  • You get professional grade photography for your advertisements
  • Get professional grade video shots of your advertised properties
  • You have the high-quality description and copy of your ads.
  • Your company ,business, and targeted properties receive the dedicated attention
  • Focused marketing
  • Consistency in branding
  • You are saved from overspending on ads
  • Cohesive listing presentations

What services a real estate advertising agency offer?

 A primary function of a real estate advertising agency is to promote your real estate business through placing ads in various mediums. But that is not the sole job that these agencies perform. In fact, they provide many other services. In the modern world, the difference between advertisements and marketing has blurred. Now, most of the advertising agencies are also promoting and marketing a business. So, when hiring a real estate advertising agency, expect it to market your company and business as well.

Here are the major services


Advertising is the main job of a real estate advertising agency. The agency will prepare all types of ads such as newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, local ads, billboard ads and many others. But a professional agency will not restrict itself to ads in the physical market only. These days, the agencies create ads for digital mediums also.

So, the agency will create ads for online marketing as well. Such ads include online banner ads, social media ads such as ads on Facebook pages.  You can expect professionally created ads from an experience ad agency. You will also have your ads for real estate business displayed on targeted search engine results and mobile app ads.

An ad agency will run a series of online ads of your real estate company. It works out a perfect strategy for your long term and short term PPC campaigns within your small budget.


A real estate advertising agency will also help you in branding your business. It will find out advertising strategies that can project your brand in the way you want. A clear band identity is helpful in stimulating easy recognition of your business in the strongly fought competitive market. It can also drive loyalty from customers.

Content development

Another service that real estate advertising agency offers is to develop a wide range of content. They create visual and text content to advertise your company. So, you have visuals such as videos and images used in your ads. They also will create infographics and blogs as part of advertising and promotion of your small company.


Some marketing techniques are also involved by the advertising agencies. This is because the difference between advertising and marketing is narrowing down. Creating ads is now taken as a part of a marketing campaign. A professional ad agency will evaluate your business to understand your marketing needs. Then it will create ads that help in meeting your marketing needs and goals.

Research & Analytics

In these days, advertising agencies also offer services regarding research and analytics. They will research your real estate business, market, and target customers or clients. Such a research is essential to pinpoint the customers who can be then targeted with special advertisements.  When they know your customers and market well, a precise strategic plan can be chalked out to create a perfect ad campaign.

These are the major services that you can expect from a professional real estate advertising agency. Make sure that you explore one such agency fully to your advantage.

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