4 Decorating Tips to Help Your Child’s Room Grow as They Do

Decorating children’s bedrooms is perhaps the most fun thing that you can do. It lets you be creative, imaginative, and be a little informal. And, at the pace that the children grow up, you get a chance to change the décor time and again. However, completely revamping your kids’ bedrooms every few years could become expensive, and may involve a lot of effort. Yes, you can find a number of simple yet creative concepts on the internet. If you have a subscription to one of the cox bundle deals, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle to find designs to renovate the bedroom with the things that are already there. But,don’t follow the stereotypical and mainstream trends which everyone is already following. Be different and let your children help you with some fantastic ideas. You cannot defeat your children when it comes to being unique.

Having an age-appropriate bedroom is important for any child. As they grow up, they understand things better. They would demand the right bedrooms for themselves. You, as parents should be prepared. If you have a son who is a teenager, he wouldn’t want to live in a child’s bedroom. And, if you have an even younger one, he wouldn’t want to live in an adult’s bedroom. Pretty basic!

Again, complete redecoration would cost a lot of time, energy, and money. Plus, children are known to completely change their tastes very often. Therefore, we would suggest ideas where you can decorate their room in a way that redecorating it doesn’t take a massive chunk out of your hard-earned money.

Let’s find out some of the amazing yet easy ideas.

1. Flexible Furnishings

Furniture is perhaps the most important part of any bedroom. Try to buy simple furniture for your child’s bedroom. Keep this rule in mind while you shop furniture for your child’s bedroom. The simple, the better. Because simple is flexible. Don’t buy a racecar-shaped bed for your tot. It is going to be totally useless after a few years unless you have another baby. Same goes for fort-themed beds, animal chairs, and so on. They are only fun until your child is aged 4 to 7. When they enter the teenage, they are definitely going to dislike those toy-themed furnishings. They are going to worry about their friends coming over and making fun of their bedroom. Hence, they need grown-up fittings and all the money that you spent earlier is wasted. So, go for simpler lines and nice proportions when it comes to buying furniture.

Try to acquire the type of furniture that can function for a long time. Get something that can continue from toddler hood to teenage.

Choose full-sized nightstand and bureaus over small dressers because they allow more storage for a growing wardrobe. Adjustable activity stools and tables are also a good idea. They can be easily raised to the desired heights as your little one gains stature. Convertible furniture is also recommended. Imagine the convenience when a crib is transformed into a full-sized bed or a changing table that converts into a desk. Also, such furniture is movable and you can move to make space for your child’s activities.

Investing in right and quality furniture will ensure longevity and durability.  Also, go for neutral colors, such as oak wood. It will save you from the extra hassle of matching.

2. Sticking to a Theme is a Big No

Yes, your toddler might love cars, a particular cartoon character, airplanes, and so on. But, that doesn’t mean they will still love them at a later age. So, there is no need to stuff their bedroom with such things , or to follow a particular theme. Themed furniture, curtains, and wallpaper can look very tempting but, remember, it is hassling to follow a particular theme. And, an absolute hassle when you will have to replace it completely a few years later. Consider incorporating different elements of your kid’s favorite stuff in rather smaller accents instead of sticking to a complete theme. For instance, if your little boy loves cars, use car-themed wall decals. They are easily removable and you can replace them when the interests of your kids change.

3. Reflect the Personalities of Your Children

The perception about a bedroom for a kid and for an adult are completely different. For adults, it’s perhaps the only place to relax. For kids, the bedroom is an ideal play area, a haven, a place to manifest their creativity. It is a place to invite their friends.. Therefore, the room’s décor should highlight their interests, and likes, and reflect their personalities. As a parent, if you like understated, quiet palettes. That doesn’t mean you use the same in your kid’s room too. A room should exhibit their, and not your personality. If he likes bright hues, DO NOT force your choice and taste on him. Let the walls be bright hued. You don’t have to completely surrender to their tastes too. Striking the right balance between their tastes and yours will let you achieve the perfect décor that your kids will love at any age. If they love dogs, adding dog silhouettes on the pillows or floor cushions won’t hurt.

4. Utilize the Storage Spaces Cleverly

Children are tiny but you would agree that their stuff is so much that it can take up a massively ridiculous amount of storage space. Don’t ignore the factor of practicality when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom. Even if your kid’s bedroom looks stunning, your little one will wreck it if it doesn’t have proper storage spaces. Adding proper storage spaces in the bedroom will help you teach your child about responsibility. Tell him where he has to store his toys after he finishes playing. You can train them to do these basic chores like this. You can come up with creative ideas when it comes to storage spaces. For instance, you can label the boxes, paint them in different colors, and so on. Ask your kids to give their ideas.

With TDS online deals, you can explore more décor ideas through tutorials even. These will help you to keep the cost low and your kid’s bedroom décor timeless at least for some years.

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